Why fan service isn't necessarily bad for a video game

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play base building mobile video game in the famous Fallout universe. Although it could have been construed as a gnawing bone thrown by Bethesda to Fallout fans waiting for Fallout 4, it is actually a solid game even though it violates some universe laws.

Passion Play

A cliché with a twist

The story is about a bad guy taking the opportunity for redemption after he meets some seductive young woman. Of course the task is far from easy because the attractive girl is monetized by some dangerous people. But hey, no pain no gain, plus this is his modest...

Dota 2 IMBA, the mod that elevates trolling to an art form

Mods for video games are often based on a simple idea. Showing better textures, adding custom content, pushing the boundaries of the game engine. For Dota 2 IMBA, it is no different: what would happen to every single hero if Icefrog buffed him or her for 50 straight patches?

My dad wants to kill himself

My dad wants to kill himself. That's a fact I live with a lot. He's threatened to do it and sometimes jokes about it. He told me a few months ago he was going to kill himself before Father's Day. I know it might seem to some that he is just looking for attention but I think he is hoping I will give him permission. That will, obviously, never happen.

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