Our Lives Are Night and Day

I had a fight with my husband today and all I could think is “Why the hell are you here anyway? It’s my time.” That’s because my husband, Ed works days and I work nights. If we are home at the same time on a weekday then one of us is probably asleep. He had the day off of work though and so it was an odd Monday where we got to spend the morning together.

The Three Laws to Writing Fantasy Magic

So I will begin by saying in the interest of full disclosure that I am a total fanboy for all the writings of an author by the name of Brandon Sanderson. Despite this I will attempt to offer a cohesive presentation on his thoughts on writing and try to relate it without bias for the uninitiated to the Cosmere (Brandon Sanderson's fictional universe, Ed.).

Hoping there’s no end

I held her close to my chest – breathing slowly, breathing deeply. Desperately trying to create a memory I could hold on to. Her inhale aligned with my exhale, and I knew I would never quite understand. Breathing seemed so easy – it seemed too fickle to have such control over someone’s...


I was invited by the NY Sci-Fi and Fantasy Meetup group to see the premiere of Lockout on April 12th 2012. I had no real expectations from the movie, all I knew before seeing it was its poster and the fact that Luc Besson was involved in its production. I was hoping that seeing this movie for free would help enjoying it but eventually it didn't. At all.

WARNING : May contain spoiler, but can you spoil what is already spoilt?

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