My dad wants to kill himself

My dad wants to kill himself. That's a fact I live with a lot. He's threatened to do it and sometimes jokes about it. He told me a few months ago he was going to kill himself before Father's Day. I know it might seem to some that he is just looking for attention but I think he is hoping I will give him permission. That will, obviously, never happen.

The exact music of Solar Echoes by Nigel Stanford

Nigel Stanford is the kind of musician that has a deep sense of how precise and well-adjusted things have to be in order to produce an efficient music track. And Solar Echoes, his latest Trance-Ambient album, is a clear-cut demonstration of his attention to detail.

Sound of My Voice

Following the examples of Contact, The Fountain and more recently I Origins (also starring Brit Marling), Sound of My Voice feeds the North-American movie genre of Cartesianism being challenged by the human experience.

Dungeons is not a Keeper

This spiritual heir of the Dungeon Keeper series has all of its ancestors, but not in the right order it seems, while adding extraneous features that weren't missing from the originals. Can anyone who played Dungeon Keeper can enjoy Dungeons?

Our Lives Are Night and Day

I had a fight with my husband today and all I could think is “Why the hell are you here anyway? It’s my time.” That’s because my husband, Ed works days and I work nights. If we are home at the same time on a weekday then one of us is probably asleep. He had the day off of work though and so it was an odd Monday where we got to spend the morning together.

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