Wasteland Motorized Tribes: Game Design Document

Wasteland Motorized Tribes is my new video game project where I decided to do only the parts that I enjoy. Game Design is one of those parts, setting up the database and providing customized access to it are a few others. This is the game design document for the game, although it can (and probably will) change wildly over time, especially if I manage to recruit an interface designer.

Fran Bow

Fran Bow is an indie Point'n Click well known for its dark, mysterious, sad, and gory atmosphere. Playing it could almost be taken as a psychedelic trip.

No, you aren't entitled to your own opinion in public

In the light of public comments regarding every single major event since the invention of language, I wanted to sanitize my own little corner of the world regarding opinions.

Disclaimer: If you're already offended by the title, I'm sorry, please refrain from reading further. I won't convince anyone in such a state of mind and will only ruin your day even more, which I have no intention of.

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