Aerie's Guard Refuge Charter

This charter is intended for members to follow during their visits and for moderators to rely on in their day-to-day tasks. Any content not following the guidelines in this charter can be edited or removed, and their author informed, warned or sanctioned in case of repeated offense. This document is subject to change.

Language respect

We ask that you use a comprehensible language while on the website. Not making any language mistakes is not required, but should be a goal in mind for everyone posting on the Refuge. If you have any trouble writing correctly, please ask for proofreading.

To that extent :

  • No SMS language or textese will be tolerated ;
  • Read over what you just wrote, most common mistakes can be avoided that way ;
  • Use a spellchecker ;
  • Read the Spelling FAQ for simple tips to avoid the most common mistakes ;

In the same wake, please refrain using too many acronyms. People that will read what you write don't necessarily know what they mean.

New members

We advised new members to present themselves in their personal profile. People will welcome you more warmly if they can relate to you. A minimum of courtesy is always welcome, "please" and "thank you" are cheap and efficient ways to make friends.

  • Avoid mass smileys ;
  • Please avoid writing in all caps. It's considered as shouting and not the most reliable way to get a sensible response ;
  • Avoid "!!!!!" or "????".

Website operation

Aerie's Guard is a community promoting creation in general. Before asking a question on any topic, please search previous articles and comments about that topic.

Taking part in debates

The articles wearing the Debate tag are places where language quality is upheld to a higher standard than anywhere else on the Refuge. Please read previous comments and stay on topic. If you want to talk about something else albeit related, you're welcome to start a new debate and referring the one you came from.

Neither insults nor harassing will be tolerated, we are civilised people and written violence just emphasize a lack of arguments.

Creating articles

You can create articles by clicking on the Write an article button in the header. Then you can attach some tags tags to it and eventually illustrate it with a thumbnail and/or a banner. If you need any help with the formatting, you can read about BBCodes or ask a member of the staff.

Paid links

Paid links are forbidden except with permission from an Administrator. This website is free and non-profit, however server maintenance is not free and any money made through the website should pay the hosting fees.

Sensible topics

Don't forget you are on a public website. No insults, provocations nor discrimination will be tolerated.

Any activity on the website considered as trolling will also be sanctioned. Trolling is anything aimed at annoying other people for a cheap laugh.


Two distinct groups of members have editing rights over what you write.


Moderators have global editing capabilities throughout the Refuge. Their mission is to enforce the present charter. If you have any trouble with another member, you should send a message to a moderator.


Administrators also have sitewide editing capabilities, their mission is to nominate and support moderators in their tasks. They also have the ban hammer in case of extreme prejudice. If you have any trouble with a moderator, you should send a message to an administrator.

Moderators are expected to explain their actions directly to the involved memberd. Any ban has to be approved by an administrator. No ban will be issued without preliminary warnings.

Any complaint towards moderation work should be sent through private conversations.

Account deletion - Ban

Members who take provocative pseudonym will be asked to change until they settle for an acceptable one.

Any other provocations, insults or flood will incur sanctions related to the gravity of the offense. Simple warnings, temporary bans or permanent bans can be issued.

Don't forget that moderators and administrators are members like any other, don't paint them as the cops they aren't. This charter exists so that things run smoothly on the Refuge. If you have any question pertaining to this charter, please comment below.

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