Leave Facebook, join Diaspora* - Part 1: Flexible morals

The new Facebook account I created after my original got frozen for not using my official name is about to be closed, too. This added to Facebook's questionable practices are making me switch to Diaspora*. This decentralized social network avoids the pitfalls of a business-controlled social website like Twitter or Facebook.

SOMA, the perfect Let’s Play experience

Let’s Play videos are popular on YouTube but controversial for a few reasons. I think overall those videos are doing more good than harm, especially for the horror genre whose game SOMA is a very good example of.

Facebook killed me

Facebook recently conditioned my access to their services to the submission of an ID document that would confirm the name that I'm using right now (Hypolite Petovan). Not wanting to do it, my Facebook account is now good as dead.

Sexism, it happens early

For the first time in her life, my 19-months old daughter has been called "bossy" by a woman we just met in a restaurant. This is what I would have wanted to be able to answer to her if I didn't mind the awkwardness after.

Wasteland Motorized Tribes: Game Design Document

Wasteland Motorized Tribes is my new video game project where I decided to do only the parts that I enjoy. Game Design is one of those parts, setting up the database and providing customized access to it are a few others. This is the game design document for the game, although it can (and probably will) change wildly over time, especially if I manage to recruit an interface designer.

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