StarCraft BroodWar fan made Protoss campaign Endless war


I recently made this StarCraft Brood War campaign that tells the story of the judicator Ratatul and its tribe Sakarutt a few times after the events of StarCraft Brood War.

I put a lot of love into it, made sure that the plot isn't too ridiculous and that the gameplay will be entertaining and challenging.

Feel free to tell me what you did like and what should be improved.



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  • ♥ Good work pouce

    So that's how Protoss have emerged as one of the most fierce species in the galaxy ?
    By spanking the Executor again and again ?
    My aching ass says NO, i deserve a better trainer.

  • I always thought that from a Protoss point of view, from a great mistake comes a great punishment. Was I incoherent at some point? :/

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