Aerie's Guard Refuge's Tags

Aerie's Guard Refuge has a comprehensive tag feature. They allow to bring together articles that have a common denominator.

How to browse by tag?

Simple, you just have to click on any tag displayed on the homa page, in the list of all tags, in the articles tags or in the technical data when available. From then, you can filter the list by clicking on more tags in the right column.

How to add tags to your articles?

You can add as a tag the main themes of your article, the auto-completion should help you find a corresponding existing tag. If the tag you want to add doesn't exist yet, it will be created automatically. If you write about a book, a movie or a board game, you can also fill all or part of its technical data in the right-hand column.

Remember, the more tags you add to your articles, the more they will appear in the various article lists and in the More Like This lists.

More Like This? WTF?

This list shows the five articles that share the most common tags with the current article. The more tags the articles have, the more this list will be accurate for Refuge readers.

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