Aerie's Guard Refuge's Smileys

Here is the complete list of all recognized smileys on Aerie's Guard Refuge.

Common smileys (by Goblinounours)

:king:big grin king

Figurative smileys

:tapemur:tape mur
:tusors:tu sors
:jesors:je sors
:jesuisdehors:je suis dehors

Refugees smileys (par MisterX)

:akaattaque:Aka attaque
:akanecro:Andaheru Balrog
:andabalrog:Andaheru Balrog
:andaflash:Andaheru Flash
:andaheruja:Andaheru JA
:basharchoco:Bashar choco
:bashargong:Bashar gong
:basharpave:Bashar pavé
:dangerfoudre:Danger foudre
:discussioninfo:Discussion info
:ertaifuite:Ertaï fuite
:galdarpresident:Galdar président
:naruto:Naruto colère
:ragna:Ragnarok plouf
:welcome::trollxullwelcome:Trollxul Welcome

Lullab's smileys

:ged:deg lullab
:olo:lol lullab
:rrg::rrrg:grr lullab
:evol:Lullab love
:krain:Lullab niark
@:Lullab evil
):)=Lullab frown
/:Lullab neutral
(;Lullab wink
(:(=(-:Lullab smile
o:Lullab surprised
d:Lullab razz
)':Lullab cry
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