Some Facebook games that followed my 6 ways

Following my wonderful guide to make your Facebook game suck, I tried to see if my work helped someone, and I discovered that it did !

(Article originally published on my blog Reactoweb)

Here are 11 Facebook games I personaly tried over a few weeks in 2011, and a great deal of them followed at least 1 of the rules, which are in short :

  1.  Send e-mails, for everything, regardless of other mail settings
  2.  Treat your players as five-year old childs
  3.  Limit the player’s actions
  4.  Force users to post useless crap on their Wall to progress in the game
  5.  Make the game heavy, laggy and/or CPU-intensive
  6.  Crappy ads

GamePublisherRule 1Rule 2Rule 3Rule 4Rule 5Rule 6
Dungeon OverlordNight Owl GamesNoNo
Lucky SpaceA Bit LuckyNoNo
Lucky TrainA Bit LuckyNoNoNoNoNo
Railroad EmpireNight Owl GamesNoNoNoNoNo
The Sims SocialPlayfishNoNoNo
Battle PiratesKixeyeNoNoNoNo
Empires et AlliesZyngaNoNo
Adventure WorldZyngaNoNo
Army AttackDigital ChocolateNoNoNoNo
TrainStationPixel FederationNoNoNoNoNoNo

Of those 11 games tried, I only still played TrainStation after a few weeks. Did you guess it? I will tell you why in my next article.

Still, this table is not really accurate to show which games are really engaging. If the game follows many of the 6 rules, there is a good chance that you will not like it on the long run. But not following any rule is not a guarantee of enjoyability. Like every other video game, you still need to engage the player towards clear goals with smart gameplay and really rewarding achievements.

This table only shows the common flaws of Facebook-based game, but you still need to conceive a great game after avoiding those pitfalls.

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