Hypolite Petovan

Tyrant ersatz

Divine right-based monarch of the Refuge, PHP Wizard, Great Spell Checker and full time procrastinator, I'm the one you would have wanted to be if I had worked a little harder. In the end I'm only managing to be funny and ridiculous, often both at the same time.

Hi, I'm Ertaï.

Well, not anymore really. Ertaï was the pseudonym I chose when I got Internet in 2002, since I had to choose a username to register on a forgotten website. In those days, I was playing Magic: The Gathering© a lot, and in its storyline, Ertaï is a character I like a lot, as well as his card. In short, it's a prententious wizard with a big potential, and I felt I was connected to him back then. That's the username I naturally chose when I registered on the Refuge in 2003, and I stuck to it since.

Meanwhile, I got a little older, I met my wife and we gave each other funny names. She would become Marceline and I would be Hypolite, with a common surname, Petovan. From then on I would be known as hypolite Petovan on any new website I would register on, which would help with duplicates, since Ertaï was already pretty popular. But here, I'm still and I will always be Ertaï. You can find a Hypolite roaming around on the refuge, but he just is a doppelganger helping me see the Refuge through a normal member's eyes.

Duties on the Refuge

I'm carrying several duties here on the Refuge that makes me your principal interlocutor in the following situations:

  • Administrator: Contact me in case of a dispute with a moderator or with another member if no moderator is available.
  • Webmaster: Display or navigation bug, technical or visual suggestion? I will (maybe) take care of it if you post it in the suggestions page.
  • Editor: If you have any question about what to write and how to write it on the website, I'm there to help..
  • Grammar Nazi: You would like to write but you are afraid of the spelling mistakes you make? I can help you with a commented correction of your drafts. Meanwhile, make sure to check the Spelling FAQ.

My Internet identities

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