Passion Play

A cliché with a twist

The story is about a bad guy taking the opportunity for redemption after he meets some seductive young woman. Of course the task is far from easy because the attractive girl is monetized by some dangerous people. But hey, no pain no gain, plus this is his modest contribution to a better world place.
Only there is a twist. The girl is not a prostitute but a sort of an angel. Except for that difference this is mostly the thriller movie you would expect. There are gangsters, heroin, bizarre freak people and so on...

So why should i bother ?

It's for the actors.
There are mainly 3 characters, Mickey Rourke (Nate Poole the heroin-addict), Megan Fox (Lily Luster the femme fatale) and Bill Murray (Happy Shannon the gangster-gentleman) so each actor is exploited to its full potential.
Especially Megan Fox is given a unique role that any young actress would dream of.
Also, give it a second chance.
The movie budgeted at 15M$ only gathered some ridiculous $3669 at the box office so buying the DVD is some act of charity.
Plus (did i already mentioned that?) it's the best first-class role for Megan Fox so don't hesitate in case Jennifer's Body is not enough for you. Well, the alternatives are Transformers and Ninja Turtles so don't pretend you have a choice.

The dream factor

Simply said Lily Luster is a man dream made a reality. This somewhat blurs the frontier between fiction and reality. Furthermore, Nate Poole is still alive but a half dead junky so the trip or the near-death experience is not far away. Hopefully Passion Play does not trap the spectator in a reality or fiction dilemma. Thus you can enjoy the movie without bothering.

The nudity

Let's be honest. Using Megan Fox to its full potential doesn't come without some respectful nudity. Will it spice up the thriller ? Or will it spoil the romance ? I have been okay with the nudity level but be warned that, depending on your own standard, you may disapprove the voyeurism.

7/10 Very good

Not as awful as reputed to be.
And certainly not to be missed if you are a Mickey Rourke and/or Megan Fox fan.

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